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Shandong chuanyunjie Instrument Co., Ltd. is located in beautiful Shandong, China. In China, it is a large-scale professional agricultural instrument R & D company. The company has more than 50 R & D technicians, and has been closely cooperating with many famous universities and scientific research institutes in China for a long time, and is committed to becoming the technical pioneer of agricultural instrument industry…

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  • Soil Fertilizer Nutrient Rapid Test for Full Project

    Features: ★ ”chassis / agent one-piece aluminum alloy chassis” design, easy to carry, sturdy and durable, supporting the test method and finished agent. ★ microcomputer control, digital line, programmed design, LCD display, AC and DC dual-use, test data can be stored query, can be fie...

  • Leaf Area Tester

    YMJ series live leaf area measuring instrument is a newly developed product. It is a portable instrument that is easy to use and can work in the field. It can measure the leaf area and related parameters of leaves accurately, quickly and without damage, and can also measure the area of picked pla...

  • The chlorophyll detector

    Chlorophyll detector is a fast non-destructive plant in vivo detection, measurement only need to insert the leaf can be, no need to pick the leaf, does not affect the normal growth of the crop, can be in the crop growth process throughout the leaf monitoring, so as to get a more scientific analys...

  • Handheld water quality detector

    Handheld water quality tester FK-Y05 water quality tester is a suitable for swimming pools, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, water parks, hot spring baths, and other areas of the tester, with rapid color detection reagents, can be “fast, simple, accurate, stable” to measure, with a ...

  • The latest all-item plant nutrition tester for chlorophyll content, nitrogen content, foliar temperature and foliar moisture

    1. Test items: chlorophyll content, nitrogen content, foliar temperature, foliar humidity 2. Measuring range Chlorophyll: 0.0-99.99SPAD Nitrogen content: 0.0-99.99mg/g Leaf surface humidity: 0.0-99.9RH% Leaf surface temperature: -10-99.9°C 3.Measuring area:2mm*3mm 4. Measurement accuracy Chloro...

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