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Shandong chuanyunjie Instrument Co., Ltd. is located in beautiful Shandong, China. In China, it is a large-scale professional agricultural instrument R & D company. The company has more than 50 R & D technicians, and has been closely cooperating with many famous universities and scientific research institutes in China for a long time, and is committed to becoming the technical pioneer of agricultural instrument industry…

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  • The Application of the Cassette Pesticide Residue Rapid Tester

    When it comes to pesticide residues, I believe that many people will smell it. In a broad sense, pesticide residues mainly refer to impurities such as pesticide precursors, derivatives, metabolites and degradation products remaining in the environment, soil and crops after the use of pesticides. ...

  • The practical significance of organic fertilizer detector

    With the modernization of agricultural production, the role of different fertilizers has gradually emerged, among which, organic fertilizers are particularly prominent. In the past, farmers tended to choose fertilizers based on their comprehensive nutrient content, ignoring their sustainable effe...

  • Plant root analyzer is suitable for the study of root morphology and structure

    As the saying goes, “the roots are deep and the leaves are flourishing”. really. As the main organ for plants to absorb nutrients and water from the soil, how the development of the root system is closely related to its overall growth situation directly determines the future yield and...

  • High-precision scientific research-grade soil nutrient detector with the most complete functions

    Soil elements: soil ammonium nitrogen, soil available phosphorus, soil available potassium, soil nitrate nitrogen, soil hydrolyzed nitrogen, soil total nitrogen, soil total phosphorus, soil total potassium, soil organic matter (hilling method), soil organic matter (extraction method) method), soi...

  • Advantages of solar insecticidal lamps

    In the process of agricultural production, the problem of insect pests can be described as a headache but unavoidable. However, our traditional pest control method has many disadvantages such as polluting the environment and causing pesticide residue problems. Therefore, how to kill insects in a...

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