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Shandong chuanyunjie Instrument Co., Ltd. is located in beautiful Shandong, China. In China, it is a large-scale professional agricultural instrument R & D company. The company has more than 50 R & D technicians, and has been closely cooperating with many famous universities and scientific research institutes in China for a long time, and is committed to becoming the technical pioneer of agricultural instrument industry…

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  • The latest all-item plant nutrition tester for chlorophyll content, nitrogen content, foliar temperature and foliar moisture

    1. Test items: chlorophyll content, nitrogen content, foliar temperature, foliar humidity 2. Measuring range Chlorophyll: 0.0-99.99SPAD Nitrogen content: 0.0-99.99mg/g Leaf surface humidity: 0.0-99.9RH% Leaf surface temperature: -10-99.9°C 3.Measuring area:2mm*3mm 4. Measurement accuracy Chloro...

  • High precision portable soil NPK analyser organic matter soil nutrient rapid test

    I. Testing items Soil ammonium nitrogen, soil effective phosphorus, soil fast-acting potassium, soil nitrate nitrogen, soil hydrolysis nitrogen, soil total nitrogen, soil total phosphorus, soil total potassium, soil organic matter organic carbon (Qulin method), soil organic matter organic carbon ...

  • Water Dissolved Oxygen Detector

    Application industry. Applicable to pure water plants, water plants, domestic sewage treatment plants, industrial sewage, aquaculture, river monitoring, swimming venues, water source protection, production monitoring, scientific research experiments, etc. Detection princ...

  • Plant Root System Analyzer

    FK-G101 is a professional root analysis system for root washing, which can analyze root length, diameter, area, volume, root tip count, etc. It is powerful and easy to operate, and the software can analyze the morphology of plant roots, color, graded extension analysis a...

  • Food safety detector to improve food testing standard

    Rapid economic growth has also brought the spring of the food industry, food production industry is growing rapidly, food safety testing has also become a key issue, improve the safety testing standards for food, a serious threat to food testing standards, food safety detector is to protect food ...

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