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Shandong chuanyunjie Instrument Co., Ltd. is located in beautiful Shandong, China. In China, it is a large-scale professional agricultural instrument R & D company. The company has more than 50 R & D technicians, and has been closely cooperating with many famous universities and scientific research institutes in China for a long time, and is committed to becoming the technical pioneer of agricultural instrument industry…

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  • Plant nutrition meter guides agricultural production

    Many times, we often encounter this problem when carrying out agricultural activities, that is, the subsequent growth of plants is weak, not only the maturity period is slow, but the quality of the fruit produced is not satisfactory. In fact, this may be due to the probl...

  • Soil fertilizer nutrient speed tester promotes agricultural development

    Soil is the premise for plant growth, and fertilizer is the ”food” for plant development. It can be said that without a good soil environment and sufficient fertilizer nutrients, the healthy growth of plants will be difficult, and the yield and quality of fruits can be imagined. It ca...

  • Application Prospect of Soil Fertilizer Nutrient Rapid Tester

    What are the key ingredients that determine crop growth? When it comes to this, I believe everyone will say in unison: nutrients. Indeed, soil fertility is the basis for crop development, and ”fertilization and leanness” will directly affect the yield and quality of crops. However, so...

  • Photosynthesis meter helps plants grow

    Photosynthesis is the basis for maintaining plant respiration and purifying the air environment as providing food and energy to organisms. Photosynthesis of plants can speed up energy conversion and maintain stable carbon and oxygen balance in the atmosphere, which is the premise for plants to gr...

  • Soil detector protects soil environment

    Soil detector protects soil environment What is soil? Healthy soils are the basis for food production, for cultivating vegetation, and for managing feed, fiber, fuel and medicines. Soil plays a key role in the carbon cycle of the atmosphere. The water it stores and filters can not only provide wa...

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