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Shandong chuanyunjie Instrument Co., Ltd. is located in beautiful Shandong, China. In China, it is a large-scale professional agricultural instrument R & D company. The company has more than 50 R & D technicians, and has been closely cooperating with many famous universities and scientific research institutes in China for a long time, and is committed to becoming the technical pioneer of agricultural instrument industry…

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  • Automatic data acquisition by plant canopy image analyzer

    The canopy of plants is mainly composed of leaves and branches, which are the main parts of photosynthesis, respiration and transpiration, and are the main objects of plant physiological research. The plant canopy image analyzer is a special instrument for measuring the relevant index of plant ca...

  • Improvement of light condition by photosynthesis tester

    As we all know, photosynthesis is an important physiological process in the process of plant growth. It is a biochemical process in which green plants, algae and some bacteria use chlorophyll to convert carbon dioxide and water into glucose under visible light and release oxygen. Plants are known...

  • Analysis of plant growth status by chlorophyll detector

    As you all know, the plants on land are all green leaves. Why? Because there are abundant chlorophyll in plants, chlorophyll is the main pigment of photosynthesis. It is very important for plants. And many researchers at home and abroad use chlorophyll detector to study and analyze the growth sta...

  • Solar energy insect killing lamp can effectively improve pest damage

    China, with vast forest resources, is more difficult in pest control. If the forest pests are not treated in time, it will affect the environment of other places. Therefore, we should attach great importance to forest pest control. The traditional pest control is mainly based on chemical pesticid...

  • Plant leaf area meter conforming to the development needs of precision agriculture

    We know that the size of leaf area is related to the intensity of photosynthesis, and also reflects the utilization of solar energy, the basic energy source. We can also adjust the leaf area to improve the water use efficiency of green plants, but also has a certain ability to absorb fertilizer, ...

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