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Soil four parameter detector

Short Description:

With integrated structure design and built-in SD card, the main unit can collect multiple parameters such as temperature, moisture, salt, PH and the like of the tested environmental soil in real time, and upload data with one key.

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Technical Parameters

Volumetric water content of soil: Unit: % (m3/m3); Test sensitivity: ± 0.01% (m3/m3); measuring range: 0-100% (m3/m3). Measurement precision: within the range of 0-50% (m3/m3) ± 2% (m3/m3); 50-100% (m3/m3) ± 3% (m3/m3); resolution: 0.1%

Soil temperature range: -40-120 ℃. Measurement precision: ± 0.2 ℃. Resolution: ± 0.1 ℃

Soil salinity range: 0-20ms. Measurement precision: ± 1%. Resolution: ± 0.01ms.

PH measurement range: 0-14. Resolution: 0.1. Measurement precision: ± 0.2

Communications mode: USB

Cable: Moisture national standard shielded wire 2m, temperature polytetrafluoro high-temperature resistant wire, 2m.

Measurement mode: insertion type, embedded type, profile, etc.

Power supply mode: lithium battery

Functions & Features

(1) With low power consumption design and added system reset protection function, able to prevent power supply short circuit or external interference damage and avoid system crash;

(2) With LCD display, able to display the current time, sensor and its measured value, battery power, voice status, TF card status, etc.;

(3) Large-capacity lithium battery power supply, and battery overcharge and over-discharge protection;

(4) The equipment shall be charged with a specially supplied power supply, the adapter specification is 8.4V/1.5A, and the full charge needs about 3.5h. The adapter is red in charging and green after being fully charged.

(5) With USB interface to communicate with computer, able to export data, configure parameters, etc.;

(6) Large-capacity data storage, configured with TF card to store data indefinitely;

(7) Simple and fast alarm settings of environmental information parameters.

Application Scope

It is widely used in soil moisture detection, water-saving irrigation of dry farming, precision agriculture, forestry, geological exploration, plant cultivation, etc.

Model Test items
FK-S Soil moisture content
FK-W Soil temperature value
FK-PH Soil pH value
FK-TY Soil salt content
FK-WSYP Soil moisture, Salinity,PH and Temperature

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