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Portable ATP fluorescence detector FK-ATP

Short Description:

It can be used for rapid measurement of surface cleanliness of medical system objects and operators’ hands. It can also be used for Surface Cleanliness Measurement and microbial growth control. The equipment uses chemical reaction to detect ATP and ATP swab to collect samples. ATP swabs are soaked in buffer solution, which helps to extract biological material (ATP) from dry or wet surfaces. The swab also contains a reagent that can break through the biofilm and expose the organisms that may exist under it. After specimen collection, the swab should be immersed in a volume agent that can release ATP from the cells. Then the ATP released from the cell and the ATP smeared from the surface of the device react with ultrasnap’s unique liquid reagent.

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Instrument characteristics

High sensitivity - 10-15-10-18 mol / L

High speed - the conventional culture method is more than 18-24 hours, while ATP only takes more than ten seconds

Feasibility - there is a clear correlation between the number of microorganisms and the ATP content in microorganisms. By detecting ATP content, the number of microorganisms in the reaction can be obtained indirectly

Operability - the traditional cultivation method needs to be operated by trained technicians in the laboratory; while the operation of ATP rapid cleanliness detection is very simple, and it can be operated on site by general staff with simple training.

Main parameters

1. Large clear LCD

2. Detection accuracy: 5 × 10-18mol

3. Detection range: 0 to 9999 RLUs

4. Detection time: 15 seconds

5. Detection interference: ± 5% or ± 5 RLUs

6. Operating temperature range: 5 ℃ to 40 ℃

7. Operating humidity range: 20-85 ‰

8. ATP recovery: 90-110%

9. 50 user ID settings

10. Number of result limits that can be set: 251

11. 1999 memory stores

12. Automatically judge qualified

13. Automatic statistics of qualified rate

14. Built in self calibration light source

15. Power on 30 second self check

16. With RS232 interface, the results can be uploaded to PC

17. Instrument size (w × h × d): 192mm × 87mm × 34mm

18. Use two Standard No.5 batteries or rechargeable lithium batteries

19. Standby state (20 ℃): 6 months

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