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FK-CSQ20 Ultrasonic integrated weather station

Short Description:

Application scope:

It can be used in many fields, such as meteorological monitoring, agriculture and forestry climate monitoring, urban environmental monitoring, ecological environment and geological disaster monitoring, and it can work stably in harsh environment (- 40 ℃ – 80 ℃). It can monitor a variety of meteorological environmental factors and customize other measurement elements according to user needs.

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Functional features

1.Highly integrated design, integrated collector host, 4G wireless data communication, optical fiber and network cable communication. It can also output the MODBUS 485 protocol signal directly, which can be used as a multi parameter sensor connected to the user's PLC / RTU and other collectors.
2. It can monitor environment wind speed, wind direction, air temperature, air humidity, dew point temperature, atmospheric pressure, illumination, total solar radiation, sunshine hours and rainfall.
3. It can monitor multi parameter environmental factors such as carbon dioxide, dust pm1.0/2.5/10.0, oxygen, carbon monoxide, ozone, sulfur dioxide, VOC, etc.
4. Piezoelectric kinetic energy rain sensor or optical rain sensor can be selected for rainfall monitoring, and can be selected according to the rainfall characteristics of the place of use.
5. Sensors for soil detection can be installed, including soil moisture, temperature, electrical conductivity, salinity, ORP, soil nutrient N / P / K, PH, ETC.
6. Integrated solar power supply system, easy to install, maintain, high reliability.
7. The temperature range of working environment is - 40 ℃ - 65 ℃. Can be equipped with built-in automatic heating device, in cold, ice and snow environment conditions can also be normal use.
8. The multi satellite positioning system modules of BEIDOU, GPS and QZSS can be selected to locate the longitude, latitude and altitude of the equipment installation position.

List of monitoring items and parameters

Monitoring Items

Specific parameters

DustPM2.5, PM10, PM1.0

Response time:≤3 s;Measuring range:0.3-1.0,1.0-2.5,2.5-10(um);

Minimum resolution:0.3μm;Maximum range:0~1000ug/m3.


Measuring range:0dB~140dB;Accuracy:0.5%;Stability:<2%,

Noise accuracy:±0.5dB.

Piezoelectric rain sensor

Accuracy:<±3%,Resolution  power:0.1mm,

Measuring range:0.0-3276.7mm,

Maximum rainfall intensity:12mm/min.

Optical rain sensor

Accuracy:<±5%,Resolution  power:0.2mm,Maximum rainfall intensity:5.0mm.

Light intensity

Measuring range:0-200,000Lux;Accuracy:±3%FS.

Total radiation

Spectral range:0.3~3μm;Measuring range:0~2000W/m2;

Accuracy: <±5%.

Sunshine hours

Spectral range:0.3~3μm;Measuring range:0~2000W/m2;(Count the sunshine every minute and clear it at 0 o'clock every day).Resolution  power:0.1h ,When the direct radiation value is greater than 120W / m2, it begins to accumulate.

Air temperature


Air humidity

Range:0.0~99.9%RH(Non condensing state);


Atmospheric pressure


Wind speed

Measuring range:0~60m/s;Response time:<1S;

Starting wind value:0.2m/s ,

Accuracy:±2%(≤20m/s), ±2%+0.03V m/s(>20 m/s).

Wind direction

Measuring range:0~360°;Accuracy:±3°;

Starting wind speed:≤0.3m/s.


Measuring range:0~5000ppm;Accuracy:±3%F•S(25℃);



Range:0.0~25.0%Vol;Resolution  power:0.1ppm;

Response time(T90):≤15S;Repeatability:<2﹪.


Range:0.0~10.0ppm;Maximum measurement limit:100ppm;


Resolution  power:0.02ppm;Response time(T90):≤120S;



Range:0.00~10.00%VOL;Resolution  power:0.0%VOL;

Response time(T90):≤120S;Repeatability:<5﹪.


Range:0~100ppm;Maximum measurement limit:200ppm;


Resolution  power:0.5ppm;Response time(T90):≤≤60S;



Range:0.0~20.0ppm;Maximum measurement limit:150ppm;


Resolution  power:0.1ppm;Response time(T90):<25S;



Range:0.0~20.0ppm;Maximum measurement limit:150ppm;


Resolution  power:0.1ppm;Response time(T90):<30S;


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